Foxi - The Vintage Fur Coat

Outfit: Vintage fur Coat, Vintage leather gloves, Zara- Top, Jeans, & ankles Boots and Chanel Lipstick

Foxi I've been searching for the right vintage and fur coat for a while now, and finally, I got it in a second-hand shop, in St Gallen. This coat was waiting for me, I'm so lucky that it fits perfectly tralalaa! It's is so comfy and literally warmer than anything else! I do love the color and I'm wearing it anywhere. For this shoot I was in Crans-Montana, in the swiss alps and it was snowing (hopefully), so the perfect timing to wear Foxi. I'm just kidding with Foxi, because I've just watched the Wolf of Wall Street at the movie and for those who haven't watched it yet, you should go now!

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