Black & White

American Apparel Hat, Zara white Sweat & Leggings, H&M black Tank, Jeffrey Campbell Derbies and 2nd hand Bag.

Hanging out with my Chaaaaarlie in Lausanne, walking around flea market, finding some nice pieces, eating at McDonald(as usual, something that we have to change by the way) and then being at a Hip Hop contest. Sounds like a perfect Sunday. 


Bárbara said...

Hey! I discovered your blog through lookbook, and i just have to say that i love it! I love your looks and your style! I'm going to follow!
If you want, check out my blog and follow too :)

Sarah Ninjaa said...

Hiii :)
Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it!
I'm going to check yours! :)

Anonymous said...
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