Cap time

I like wearing cap, it gives my outfit a little push to a sporty look. Mixing classic and fancy cut such as this white blazer, with a cape allows a different dynamic of the ensemble! 

I would never get rid of my Vagabond low-ankle DIOON model! 
Love these so much, the best shoes ever! Comfortable and cool at 
the same time what else should I ask?

Plus, I bought this little backpack in a flea market two weeks ago, and I juste looooove it! Usually, I take with me a pretty big bag in which I can put everything I find, and then regret by feeling the pain of my shoulder... ahaha so stupid, I know. But now with this cutie I bring with my just the essentials and that's prefect! 

Cap: Old one
Shirt: H&M
Blazer: Sandro
Skinny Jeans: CheapMonday
Shoes: Vagabond
Nose ring: Baiesderelle
Little backpack: MP

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