Casual Amsterdam

Outfit: Soeder Beanie / Tote Bag from the Stedeljik Museum / H&M Crop Top / TopShop Jeans / Maje Coat / Adidas Low Sleek Model 

Casual style, while exploring this magical capital. I went to the Stedeljik Museum, which is a modern/contemporary art and design museum in Amsterdam, where I bought the Tote bag, as you can read. Their shop is full of designed and cool stuffs, since you're there you should definitely visit the museum!  I love Art in general and this visit was very interesting and inspiring! My old and low sleek Adidas are actually pretty cool and very comfortable, I used to wear them back when I was dancing some Hip-Hop... Ahahhaha. It's a rediscovery, and I think I appreciate them even more now! Don't hesitate to go again in your closet and find some old pieces that you could have forgotten and you may adapt them to your style from now on. 

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